Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Andy Hediger - Flying Legend

Paragliding pioneer, PWC overall winner, several times Vice-World champion in different flying sport disciplines, inventor of the D-Bag and and and: Andy Hediger flies more or less all the sporting machines that have wings, and is full-blooded about it through and through. Andy has been part of the ADVANCE family for 25 years. Last year a prize-winning film about his life’s work was made. We asked him about the fascination of flying, his Flying Centre in Argentina and ADVANCE.

“The paraglider is the absolute fundamental”

Andy affectionately calls his takeoff and landing runway in El Cumbre, Argentina “my garden”, and his local AeroAtelier flying centre “the circus” - with a wink. In his hangar are lined up Swift, Archeopteryx, Trike, a Taurus ultralight glider and a Virus SW 100 ultralight aeroplane (both from Pipistrel) as well as a Cessna Caravan-208B. To catch the lively Swiss on the ground is not so easy. In between morning glider tows and afternoon sailplane instruction it took a bit of time for us to track down the father of four.

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