Sonntag, 1. März 2015

testbericht nova mentor 4

NOVA Mentor 4 S

Upon NOVA statement that the Mentor 4 is a step forward in performance compared to the Mentor 3, here’s the M4 in S size flown from 94 to 98 all up.
Launching is straight forward for the B category. 

Once in the air the Mentor 4 feels more alive than the ‘3” and less than the ‘2’ version. The brake response is direct and precise and puts the Mentor 4 in the middle of the M2, and M3 version in terms of responsive character.

It is not like the M2 which was short and super direct, but also not like the M3 which lacked a bit of linear response. NOVA nailed it with a direct and nicer handling and more performance oriented than the M 3... continue on the link below