Freitag, 27. November 2009

the cloud

Jon Durnand jnr fly's the morning glory wave cloud in Burketown Australia. This is footage from Red Bull Australia. All credit goes to Red Bull Australia and crew hired to film the glory glide. I have cut it together with some Australian Musical Artists to make up a montage of the glory glide.

Music credit goes to
Icehouse - Great Southern Land
Rick Morris - The Real Thing
The Vines - Get Free

Enjoy and again all credit to Red Bull Australia.

Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

es regnet und stürmt ...

ein schöner film von Kerim Jaspersen, den man sich mal anschauen sollte.
wo so ein gleitschirm doch alles platz hat ;-)

RUSH HOUR DREAM - 2009 - short film about paragliding
by Kerim Jaspersen and Christian Menn with music made by Lars Dahlke.
the film won the "ICARE DE LA CRITIQUE" of the Coupe Icare international flight film festival 2009 in St. Hilaire (